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Global eCommerce Spending Is Up 55% Post-Pandemic

In New Zealand alone, that equates to nearly $8 billion dollars each year.

Got a great product? Let’s get you a piece of the online shopping pie. Read on to find out more about eCommerce Marketing and how the team at Harper Digital can make your online store go “ka-ching!”

What is eCommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is all about driving traffic to your online store and converting that traffic into sales. There are a number of different marketing channels you can use to achieve this, and the most effective ecommerce marketing campaigns will use a mix of several different channels.

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Some of the most common ecommerce marketing channels include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. 

To be successful with ecommerce marketing, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience, what they are looking for, and the need that your product fulfils. You also need to make sure your website is optimised for conversion, so that when visitors do arrive at your site, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Why choose Harper Digital as your eCommerce partner?

Here at Harper Digital, we combine smart technology with local digital expertise to create high performing ad campaigns. Our Auckland-based team have a wealth of experience across a broad range of industries, and we have the track record to back it up.

Want to know if we’ll be a good fit? Here are just some of the benefits of joining forces with us:

Partnered with the best

  • Google Shopping Certified Partner
  • Facebook Marketing Partner
  • Shopify Partner
  • WP Engine Agency Partner

Proven Track Record

We took a baby brand from 4:1 to 14:1 Return On Ad Spend.

Our meal delivery client went from 2:1 to 10:1 Return On Ad Spend.

An apparel brand we work with saw revenue up by 90% in 5 months.

Transparent reporting

Want to check in on how your marketing is performing? Our real-time reporting dashboard provides detailed insight into your ad campaigns and a transparent measure of return on investment.

Expert marketing advice

Your goals are our goals. We’ll work with you every step of the way to understand your unique marketing objectives and design, implement and optimise high-performing eCommerce campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Don’t know where to start?

We can implement some quick wins immediately. Get in touch for a no-obligation 30 min strategy session:

How to maximise ecommerce revenue

Here are the key elements of a well-rounded ecommerce marketing strategy. These work together to get your products in front of your target audience and make it easy for them to buy from you.

This is how we maximise your ecommerce revenue and marketing ROI.

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1. Website and CMS (WooCommerce, Shopify)

Any successful eCommerce strategy starts with a killer shopfront. Our dedicated website team can design and build a custom online store from which to publish and sell your products.

2. Product Feeds

Our eCommerce tracking team build out your product feeds and connect these to the various publishers ready for advertising. We then optimise these feeds according to best practice structure for visibility and traffic.

3. Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s not enough to have a great looking website, it also needs to convert well. We build eCommerce stores that are focused on user experience and the unique customer journey of your target market. We actively remove friction and blocking points to help maximise online sales.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A solid on-page and off-page SEO strategy is key to ensuring your eCommerce store is visible on search engines. Visibility for your core product keywords ensures healthy website traffic and greater sales volume.

5. Advertising

Build awareness of your brand through Video Advertising and static visual ads on Pinterest and Instagram. Promote your products through shopping ads on Google Shopping, and Facebook / Instagram Carousel ads. Retarget to users who’ve abandoned their cart.

6. Email Marketing & Automation

Ensure your customer communication is regular, personalised and effective. From order confirmations to sales and promotions, every touch point matters. An effective email marketing strategy will boost customer satisfaction and maximise lifetime value.

7. Loyalty Programmes

Keep users coming back to your store through the use of loyalty programmes. Make these measurable and rewards desirable and you’ll benefit from multiple repeat purchases and referrals.

8. 1st Party Data Utilisation

Get your data working for you. The information and audience signals you need to market your products effectively already exist within your eCommerce store. Our digital specialists can help you utilise this data to boost the effectiveness of your advertising.

9. Conversion Tracking & Analytics

Our team know data. Take advantage of our expert analytics and performance tracking specialists to gain insight into how your eCommerce store is performing. See which channels generate the most revenue and make smart business decisions backed up by real time data.

Our simple step by step process

How it works

1. Initial strategy session

We’ll sit down with you to get a better understanding of your business and your marketing objectives.

We’ll pick your brains about the products and services you want to promote, the challenges you face and your current marketing mix.

2. Analysis and proposal

Next, we get stuck into the research. After identifying  the best marketing mix for your objectives and auditing your current Google Ads campaigns (if applicable), we’ll
suggest a marketing budget and present you with a proposal. We’ll also discuss expectations and agree on when to launch your campaign.

3. Strategy and growth

Your campaign has been launched – congratulations! We’ll continue working behind the scenes to ensure your marketing campaigns are performing well. Your dedicated Marketing Advisor will work with you and your team to guide your digital marketing strategy and help you understand what the numbers mean for your business.

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