LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for more than 57 million businesses and nearly 800 million professionals. With more than a million job postings and 100 million applications each month, LinkedIn is the largest online community for career-focused content. And it’s growing in popularity every year!

LinkedIn is a great resource for generating leads and building brand awareness for your business. At Harper Digital, we are the experts in helping your business see results. Let’s talk about how you can make the most of this platform.


What is LinkedIn?

You have certainly heard of LinkedIn, but what you may not have heard of is how effective LinkedIn Advertising is for the millions of businesses who use it as a primary marketing channel.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and trusted websites. As a professional social media network, LinkedIn is designed to assist in making business connections. Member profiles function as CVs with up- to-date education and work experience. With a fully-featured job board, LinkedIn promotes dialogue between employers and employees. For businesses, LinkedIn is used to reach prospects, find talent, and to distribute quality promotional material.

Your potential customers are already using LinkedIn to discuss their businesses and immerse themselves in quality, reliable content. Advertising with LinkedIn allows you to maximise your visibility in a space where your audience is in a business mindset. Take advantage of audiences looking to engage with professional advertising to support the goals of your business.

The best business to business marketing tool (B2B)

Although not exclusively business to business, LinkedIn excels at facilitating B2B interactions. Every business needs products and services. Can you fill a niche that’s in demand? Nurturing business to business prospects can be highly profitable. B2B tends to produce a larger average deal size due to buying products in bulk and rewards customer loyalty and good relationship management.

LinkedIn boasts some great statistics, with four of five LinkedIn members driving business decisions. LinkedIn provides 46% of the social media traffic visiting B2B company sites.

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Why invest in LinkedIn Advertising?

1. Do business where business is done

LinkedIn is a growing resource for achieving your marketing objectives. Year on year, users rely on LinkedIn more for trustworthy, career relevant content. With more time spent on the platform, more job hires, and more conversations about how and why they work, LinkedIn is a social media hub for all things business.

Harness the power of this truly global professional community. LinkedIn users are encouraged to keep their profile and interests up to date, creating a huge resource of data for you to utilise. Engaging with enthusiastic and relevant customers has never been easier.

As LinkedIn says, “Do business where business is done.”

2. Build unique audiences

Are you worried your advertising budget is being spent on the wrong customers? There’s no need. Customisation is king with LinkedIn audiences. 

Break down your target audience by a multitude of factors. Target ad campaigns based on industry, employer, company size, role, seniority, location, interest, or many more! Ensure that your messaging is seen by the users most likely to engage with it. 

Retarget people who have completed actions such as viewing your web page or interacted with your advertisements. Upload first party data to build LinkedIn audiences from your existing customer base. Integrate your contacts from third party platforms. With LinkedIn, there are a variety of ways to create limitless quality audiences.

3. Effective campaign tools for all stages

We all want the best bang for our buck. B2B marketers consistently vote LinkedIn as one of the most effective channels for every stage of the customer journey. Use campaigns designed to focus on each stage, from lead generation to brand awareness, with easy to use native contact forms pre-filled with customer profile data.

LinkedIn Advertising promotes purchasing intent and conversion, and studies show that advertising via LinkedIn generates significantly higher click-through rates than other social media platforms. 

Users trust advertising on LinkedIn. As the ‘most trusted social media platform’, studies show that users have confidence in the safety and reliability of its advertising. With 2x the buying power of the average web audience, you’ll see results when you deliver advertising. Turn recognition into trust and engagement into demand, without wasting any time.

4. Fine control with analytics and budget

We’ve said that LinkedIn is rated highly by B2B marketers. Prove it to yourself with access to detailed reporting for each ad campaign you run. Track your progress and ROI. Focus on what works best for you with analytics to support A/B testing.

Use objective-based pricing to only get charged when your goal is achieved, like every time someone visits your website from a LinkedIn ad. Set lifetime budgets to make sure your campaign never spends more than you are expecting. Combine lifetime budgeting with a daily budget to customise how your money is spent.

5. All about style

Grab your audience’s attention with engaging visual content, short or long form text posts, or sponsored content direct to their inboxes.

LinkedIn offers a variety of ad formats, including single images, carousel ads, videos, and events. Personalise your advertising with dynamic ads featuring your customers’ profile information. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to get the word out about, LinkedIn has the flexibility to create stunning ad campaigns to suit your individual needs.

Contact your local LinkedIn experts

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