The Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends For 2023

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Google

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Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends starts with engaging the right digital marketing agency. Strategic marketing is a rapidly shifting discipline, and businesses embracing the latest trends will experience a boost to their growth and profitability in 2023.

An optimal digital marketing strategy starts with a deep understanding of your business goals and a team that knows how to utilise the latest technology to meet your target customers where they are.

With customers becoming more digital savvy every year, it’s essential to comprehend concerns around privacy, speak authentically to your audience in the places they go, and be certain you are taking a personalised approach to your digital marketing. 

Let’s look at the four top digital marketing trends expected to make an impact in 2023.

Key marketing trends for 2023

Long-tail and unique search queries

Google estimates that 20% of all search queries are brand new. Those are keyword phrases that no one has ever used before. This means it’s quickly becoming impossible to cover all bases within your search campaigns using traditional exact match or phrase match techniques.

A smart digital marketing agency will be able to work with Google’s ever evolving machine learning capabilities to tailor search campaigns that boost visibility for long-tail keywords. 

By tailoring your website content and working with relevant broad match keywords, your business can ensure that qualified, high-converting traffic is directed to the correct landing page on your website. 

You may discover that searchers who use specific long-tail phrases are your best leads, and either way, you will see a good increase in traffic as users are able to find the information they’re looking for.

First party data

While most digital marketing agencies are familiar with third-party Cookies, there’s an ongoing shift in acceptable ways to collect data. While third-party Cookies are largely secure, instances of data breaches are becoming more widespread as the tool evolves. 

This has led to most website software providers and services offering pop-ups and consent generators that offer the option to block Cookies – effectively closing the Cookie jar.

First-party data is becoming increasingly important, so your digital marketing agency needs to ensure that your website is optimised to allow your customer to give you their information in a way that feels natural and non-invasive.

First-party data from sources such as online forms, purchase history, call or email interaction data, and your company’s CRM systems can help build an accurate, secure bank of valuable data.

This opens up all sorts of digital marketing opportunities that help you communicate with your target customers online without compromising their privacy.

Omnichannel marketing

Did you know that your target audience likely needs to see your message over 20 times before they take conversion action? Buyers are surfing a wide range of channels, and search behaviour is becoming more refined.

To get that all-important conversion, which often happens four to five clicks in, your omnichannel marketing game needs to be agile, coherent, and tailor-made to ensure your customer can get instant access to conversion at significant touch points.

Meaningful customer insights and engagement should work just as hard on your website as they do on your app and at your physical store. Your digital marketing must nurture and guide you with a seamless, integrated experience as consumers pinball around your on and offline locations. 

Be sure that your content builds to a soft conversion landing, where the entire journey feels like it’s meant to be! You want to consider the user experience and cohesive brand strategy, and you will need attribution data that tracks the customer journey – so you know where to push ahead and where to pivot.

Personalised digital marketing

It’s pretty wild out there on the internet, and pulling digital marketing back towards a more personalised focus will be huge in 2023. 

Of course, your customer knows their data is being collected. Because of this, consumers now demand a more personalised shopping experience.  If you want to make them feel like you are taking notice of what they actually want, your digital marketing agency must be competent and proactive when it comes to utilising customer data in an intelligent way. 

Customers need to see that you have observed their preferences and patterns and that you know how to translate that into an optimised shopping experience, a warm email, or a cute video that turns up your social media experience.

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