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by | Aug 18, 2020 | Digital Marketing, News

Working From Home

This seems a bit familiar.

You’d be forgiven for experiencing a bit of deja vu in light of Lockdown Light for NZ, and Lockdown 2.0 for Auckland… 

Rather than fret, we’d thought we’d put together a few learnings from the last experience as it relates to your digital marketing, recognising that despite the inevitable pressure it places on businesses and certainly healthcare, there is still some opportunity to use this time fruitfully. 

Are your offers not valid/appropriate right now? Switch your messaging

Marketing that is focussed on services requiring in-person meetings is a little off for the next few days, maybe even weeks. So whether you’re a daycare seeking to grow enrollments, a beauty clinic seeking appointments or a service technician securing service work, for the short term it would be worthwhile changing your marketing to a brand focus. 

What does this mean? In a nutshell: Helping your target audiences to understand how their lives will be improved by using your services. 

Brand marketing seeks to explain:

  • Who You Are
  • How You Help People 
  • What Makes You Different

One thing about spending time at home is that people turn to the internet for information and research. Brand marketing positions your business and staff as the experts in your field in front of your potential customers. If the message is compelling, your clients will remember you when they’re in the buying frame of mind down the track (especially if you help them with remarketing, and align your search campaigns accordingly).

Brand marketing is an important part of your marketing mix to ensure you’re attracting potential clients in the awareness or consideration phase of their buying process since not everyone is ready to buy instantly…

How could this work for my business >

E-commerce business? Increase marketshare

Nearly without exception, our e-commerce clients experienced high if not their highest sales during April and May 2020 (i.e Lockdown 1.0). With so many eyeballs relying on digital information and channels for purchasing, now is a great time to give your budgets a boost. 

How to evaluate if this is the right option for you:

  • Do you currently have a good cost per lead? This is a good sign that your campaigns are at the right cost v volume to increase. 
  • Do you have capacity? Obviously a key factor is stock on hand or capacity. If you have plenty, now is good. 
  • Can your business continue to deliver with social distancing? If not, it may be worthwhile offering an incentive to purchase now and receive later, or as a minimum, ensuring your delivery timeframes are crystal clear. 

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Too busy / no stock but want to keep current and improve pipeline?

We get it, not every business is looking for more immediate work. However, doing nothing until the current work dries up is also not a good idea. Search Engine Optimisation campaigns run over the long term, and provide ongoing assistance to improve your business’ organic listings and presence so you’re well positioned for a steady stream of organic enquiries over the longer term. An SEO campaign helps to:

  • Keep your website’s technical aspects up to date and in line with Google’s ever-changing ranking criteria
  • Ensures website content (both on the live site and behind the scenes) is most up-to-date with keywords that are important to you
  • Shares your website with a highly trusted network of quality websites in order to improve your domain ranking
  • Quarterly, a blog suitable for sharing (and boosting) on your social channels is produced for you to stay current with helpful content for your audience (and Google’s bots love this too). 

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My Website Needs a Birthday

Your marketing can be EXCELLENT, OUTSTANDING, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, but can fall over if your website doesn’t convert for you. Your website should make life easier both for your customers and for yourself to do what you do. If you are missing some key technical elements – like information capture or customised quote request functions – then now is good to chat about sorting this to improve your marketing ROI.

The government announced some great tax benefits which could make this a whole lot more affordable for you.  If your website isn’t up to task, then let’s sort it. 

Let’s get my website back on track >

We are working closely (but remotely) with all our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes from these changing times. If you aren’t sure what the right approach to take is, then let’s spend 15 minutes discussing your business and how we can help to position you for long term success. 

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